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 Anclote Villa - East Vacation home 
Located between Tarpon Springs and New Port Richey  
4 Bedroom 2 Bath, Heated Swimming Pool, walk to the beach, walk to marina and "Tiki resturant", Sleeps 12

This beautiful Florida vacation rental home is brand new and is located just 1 block from the beach.  Relax on the huge shaded porch or around the private heated swimming pool.

This new home is in a neighborhood that has an official old Florida "historic home" and is located where the Anclote River meets the Gulf of Mexico.   All linens are supplied. The kitchen has all cooking utensils.  This is a very nice home.   All you need is your tooth brush and your clothes.

This is a very complete vacation home with all the comforts of home.  Our guests all say that the pictures of this home do not do it justice. Your vacation in this beautiful home will be one that you will remember for years to come. Amenities that come with this home are as follows:

  • 4 Bedroom
  • Central A/C
  • Bed Linens
  • Bath Linens
  • Toaster
  • Coffee Maker
  • Cable TVs
  • Gas BBQ
  • Fenced Yard
  • 2 baths
  • Central Heating
    • Microwave
      • Walk to Beaches
        • Washer
          • Dryer
          • Modem-Jack
          • Ceiling Fans 
  • Huge Porch with furniture
    • Garage parking
      • Beautiful Beach Sunsets
        • Shopping close by
        • Restaurants close by

The beautiful new Florida vacation home offers a wonderful vacation with its private heated pool, 4 bedrooms and a game room with pool table.
This ANCLOTE VILLA is a great place to enjoy Florida and have a great vacation.  A fenced in back yard and private heated swimming pool are for enjoying the sun and a huge front porch with solar lights on the post caps is for enjoying the evenings and the sunsets.


Here is a view of the porch as you walk up the stairs from the driveway.  This is a nice place to sit, relax, and enjoy the warm Florida breeze while watching the squirrels and other local wildlife play in the trees next to you.

As seen in the picture there is a gas grill, great for grilling while enjoying the evening by the pool.


The kitchen is connected to the living room.  This is the first room you walk into as you enter from the outside porch.  The kitchen comes with all the amenities.

As shown laminate floor clovers the entire house except for the bathrooms, which are tile.  The "drop leaf" table has extra center leaves that expands it to seat 12 people.


The living room attaches to the kitchen.  It has 2 52 inch ceiling fans, one in the living area and one in the kitchen.

The room has many big windows which are ideal for opening up and just sitting around enjoying the weather and the view.




The Master Bedroom has an attached full bathroom and a television.  This bed is a King size bed

The window from this room overlooks the fenced in swimming pool that is in the back yard.



This is the first bedroom. This is a Queen size bed.  It also has a view of the swimming pool from the window.

This room has very nice furniture and a comfortable bed.



The second bedroom has two sets of bunk beds in it.  One of the bunks had a full sized bed on bottom and a single on the top.  The other bunk has a single on the bottom and a single on top.

This room also has a window, which overlooks the front yard and driveway.


The third bedroom, with a Queen size bed.  It also has a window that overlooks the front yard and the driveway.



The pool is right outside of the door from the game room.  The pool heated and is kept at 80 degrees.

The pool area has patio furniture, which is great for laying out in the sun or just sitting around enjoying the view.


There is a game room in the downstairs portion of this home.  It comes with a Full sized Pool Table, and a Ping-Pong table.

This game room has a door leading out into the pool area.



There is a county park (Anclote River Park) that is walking distance from the ANCLOTE VILLA.  It is a local beach, much nicer than Clearwater beach.  There is ample beach area and SHADE area to escape the sun.  On Clearwater you have to "rent shade" from a vendor of umbrellas.

This picture was taken in December 2007 during the ICE and SNOW storms up north...  Notice that some of the folks are in the shade because the sun is still strong and hot in December.


These beach pictures are all of the "ANCLOTE RIVER PARK" which is walking distance from ANCLOTE VILLA.

As you can see, this beach is not so crowded that you have to step over (or on) people  to get to the water.

In the background you can see the GULF of Mexico.  This park is located where the ANCLOTE River hits the GULF of Mexico

During the summer months the water is warm..  85+ and is like a warm bath tub.


The Anclote River Park offers something for everybody.  This person has found a "spot away from the crowd"...  There are LOTS of secluded spots like this in the park..

This not the beach for those that like the "hustle and bustle" of a tourist environment with lots of scantly clad teenagers running about... 



There are picnic tables and benches overlooking the GULF of MEXICO.  Beside the picnic tables are BBQ pits where you can grill up your favorites...  hot dogs and hamburgers...  or chicken and steak..

There are also horseshoe pits with accurately laid out horseshoe posts in a "playing area"...



Truly a park that offers something for everyone...   SUN and SHADE...  This is another of the December 2007 pictures when the ICE / SNOW storms were hitting the northern and central part of the US....

Within walking distance of the ANCLOTE VILLA vacation homes.


This is one of my favorite restaurants.  Ms. Vickie's is a "Tiki Bar" style restaurant with "inside tables" and a bar..  as well as outside tables.

There is a huge oak tree in the middle of the wooden deck serving area.

Their sandwiches are my favorite..  blackened fish sandwich for me !  The have a "full menu" with dinners, sandwiches, salads, appitizers, ice cold beer, wine,  etc..

It is located on the Anclote River and is WALKING DISTANCE from the ANCLOTE VILLA vacation homes.


Ms. Vickie's is located on the ANCLOTE MARINA property and many professional fishing guides use this fish cleaning station to clean their catch..  On the right is one of Ms Vickie's patrons watching the fishing pros clean the catch for their client.

This is a typical sunset that is seen from Ms. Vickie's Restaurant.


Here is a daytime picture of the same fish cleaning station as in the above picture.  Notice that the Pelicans also come to Ms Vickie's to eat fresh fish !

There are both "flats" guides and "offshore" fishing trips available from the fishing guides and boats that hang out at the Anclote River Marina.


In addition to the good food, many people come to the restaurant to enjoy the beautiful sunsets.

Here is a typical sunset and a young couple enjoying it from one of the benches that have been positioned by the "expert sunset watching bench positioning person"...


Here is one of the greatest fishermen of all time enjoying a sunset at Ms. Vickie's.  This is my Uncle Harry....

As he told this fishing story about the largest redfish he ever caught and bragging about it being the largest ever caught in the USA...  it measured 12 and 1/2 inches...  I began to think...  That is not really a big red fish...

You see, I personally have caught red fish in the 35+ inch range...  so I hesitantly pointed out to Uncle Harry that I did not think his red fish was all that big...

Uncle Harry just looked at me and said.... "Son, I am from Texas originally and I don't know how you all measure your fish in Florida, but in Texas we measure them between the eyes."

There are pontoon boats available for daily rentals at the Anclote Village Marina.  Here is the Phone number  (727) 937-9737

These are great boats for the family to go exploring the islands off shore like Anclote Island,  Three Rooker Bar, and others.


Great Fishing

Speaking of speckled trout (specks) hanging out in the grass flats, that is where our guest, the gentleman on the left, caught these 2 HUGH Speckled Sea Trout (Specks)  You can bring your boat or rent one locally.  If you are like me, you can hear fish like these calling your name, asking where you are and why you are not fishing !!!

The fellow on the right is Rich Knox, one of the premier fishing guides on this coast of Florida.

Contact Information

We are sure you will have questions and will be glad to talk to you about any aspect of our beautiful vacation homes.

You can e-mail us at any time by clicking on the link below. My wife and I both work during the day, so it will be evening before I can get back to you. I generally check and reply to my e-mails twice each day, around 6:00am and again around 7:00pm.   I have an automated response that you will get almost instantly, and I will get a copy of your e-mail which I will reply to in the evening when I get home.

Feel free to give us a call any time if you have any questions about our Florida vacation rental home.   Again, it will be evening before we can return your call.

Dan or Suzanne Fickes
Toll Free (888) 772-8586
phone no. (813) 971-3941

These numbers ring into our home. Both Suzanne and I work during the day.

If you call us during the day you will have to leave us a message (our Rottie "Goosebumps" has not yet learned to answer questions about our rental homes) and we will be happy to give you a call back when we get home in the evening.

Or if you prefer, you can call us in the evenings up until about 11:00pm Florida time.


Here is how to reserve this home.
Here is the procedure that we go through

  1. Select which of our homes your like.

  2. Check availability and pricing on our calendar.

  3. email me your choices of homes and the dates.
    Subject of your contract should be

  4. When I get home in the evening, I will e-mail you a contract for the home and the time period you are interested in.

  5. Print out the contract. If you have any question, you can either call me or e-mail me with your questions. Be sure to fill in your name and address on the contract legibly as this is the address that I send the breakage deposit back to after you leave.

  6. Sign the Contract and Mail me contract and check.
    mail it to the mailing address in the contract.x

  7. I operate on a first come, first serve basis. So you may want to overnight this contract back to me.

    If it is a "last minute" reservation, you may want to use to send me the payment, and put the contract in the regular mail. For those of you who do not know, paypal is the service that eBAY uses for its auctions. It has been around for about 5 years and is very dependable. To send me payment, just send the payment to my e-mail address at

    If you use paypal, they charge an extra 3% for processing the payment, so you must add the 3% to the amount you send me so I will receive the full amount.

  8. When I receive your contract and check I will send you a complete "welcome kit" that includes maps and directions from the airport and for driving from the north

  9. Then I will confirm your reservation by doing the following
    • Updating my web site to show your reservation
    • Send you a reservation confirmation e-mail
    • The confirmation e-mail has the following details
    • Driving direction from the north.
    • Driving directions from Tampa Airport.
    • Address and phone number of the vacation home.
    • Directions to the closest beach.
    • Directions to several other beaches in the area including
    • Sunset Beach
    • Howard Park Beach
    • Anclote River Beach and boat launch
    • Honeymoon Island State Park/beach
    • Directions to the closest swimming pool
    • Directions to the closest Supermarket about 1 mile away
    • The combination to the lockbox and instructions on getting the door key and letting yourself into the vacation home. There is no need for you and I to meet before you let yourself in.






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