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Florida has the BEST BEACHES in the WORLD!!!

Anclote Key State Park

This beautiful beach is on the island called Anclote Key, just north of Clearwater beach. It is a state park and game presserve accessable only by boat. Notice how calm the waterline is. This is true of all of the beaches here on the west coast of Florida. You do not have to worry about the large waves crashing on the beach. It is a very safe environment for enjoying the water without having to fight the waves.  We have boats available at most of our homes that will take you out to this tropical island.  There are also pontoon boats available for rent to take your ENTIRE GROUP out to ANCLOTE KEY.

When our son was 12 years old he was taking his 12 year old buddies to this island for a day of fun on the beach.

Howard Park

  Howard Park is a short drive from our vacation homes.  This is a favorite with the locals because it is not as crowded as Clearwater Beach.  This gives you and idea of the white sands, blue water and the palm trees that are found on many of the florida beaches.   We provide dirving instructions to several beaches in the area so you can explore them with confidence.


Gulf Harbors Beach Club

The above picture is of the wonderful waterfront community where 4 of our homes are located.  These homes are the Anclote Key home, the Little Mermaid home, the Gulf Harbors home and the Blue Heron home.  This beach is in the middle of the picture is a PRIVATE "members only" beach on the Gulf of Mexico.  This is the ONLY BEACH of this kind in Florida. Guests that stay at our homes have "guest membership" privilidges at this beach.   Each black dot is a cabana roof that shades a picnic table.  Each cabana has it own Bar-B-Q.  You can sit in the shade at the picnic table of join the kids in the sun.

This is one of the picnic tables at  the Gulf Harbors Beach Club.  It is a private beach with  cabanas, BBQ grills and picnic tables.

 This is MUCH NICER than anything at Clearwater beach.  When you go to Clearwater beach, there are NO picnic tables, NO BBQs. If you want to be in the shade, you have to "rent the shade" from an umbrella vendor !.  An you can drive right up to the beach here.  At Clearwater, you have to pay to park then walk and walk and walk to get to the beach.

The sunsets from the GULF HARBORS BEACH CLUB  are breath taking.

This is picture of my wife, Suzanne, sitting on a rock at the Gulf Harbors Beach Club, enjoying one of the gorgeous sunsets. Some residents in the community, drive down to the Beach Club just to watch the sunsets...

Anclote River Park

There is a county park (Anclote River Park) that is walking distance from the ANCLOTE VILLA.  It is a local beach, much nicer than Clearwater beach.  There is ample beach area and SHADE area to escape the sun.  On Clearwater you have to "rent shade" from a vendor of umbrellas.

This picture was taken in December 2007 during the ICE and SNOW storms up north...  Notice that some of the folks are in the shade because the sun is still strong and hot in December.

These beach pictures are all of the "ANCLOTE RIVER PARK" which is walking distance from ANCLOTE VILLAS and a short drive from our other homes..

As you can see, this beach is not so crowded that you have to step over (or on) people  to get to the water.In the background you can see the GULF of Mexico.  This park is located where the ANCLOTE River hits the GULF of Mexico


The Anclote River Park offers something for everybody.  This person has found a "spot away from the crowd"...  There are LOTS of secluded spots like this in the park..

This not the beach for those that like the "hustle and bustle" of a tourist environment with lots of scantly clad teenagers running about...


There are picnic tables and benches overlooking the GULF of MEXICO.  Beside the picnic tables are BBQ pits where you can grill up your favorites...  hot dogs and hamburgers...  or chicken and steak..

There are also horseshoe pits with accurately laid out horseshoe posts in a "playing area"...



Truly a park that offers something for everyone...   SUN and SHADE...  This is another of the December 2007 pictures when the ICE / SNOW storms were hitting the northern and central part of the US....

Within walking distance of the ANCLOTE VILLA vacation homes.



Vacation rental homes north of Clearwater Beach between New Port Richey and Tarpon Springs.