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Many of the guests that stay at our vacation home enjoy fishing. This picture of 3 generations shows the Speckled Trout that the youngest, Eric, has just caught in the grass flats close to the house.

This is a common experience with our guests. Many of our guests eat fresh fish every day during their stay. The dock behind the house has a flood light that comes on under the dock at night. You can see the 2 to 3 FOOT LONG Tarpon and Snook lurking under the dock at night. Catching them is the challange.

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Kevin, on the right, is from Cananda.

I split the cost of a Flats Fishing Trip with guide RICH KNOX's and Kevin landed this VERY NICE Snook.

This was in August 2006. Some folks says Snook don't bite well in August, but Capt. Rich Knox knows where they hang out in the Summer time and how to catch them.  If you are interested in fishing with a real professional you can give Rich Knox a call at 727 376-8809.

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This snipet from a nautical chart shows the channels that extend out from this community and the fishing areas beside the channels. There are "oyster reefs" beside the channels and the red fish and speckled trout like to hang out around these reefs looking for dinner. These areas are all "grass flats" that are about 3 to 5 ft deep with long grass on the bottom. Excellent fishing...

  Click to email me This shows a very popular "Love Lure" and float. The Love Lure that seems to work the best is the white with a red head. CLICK HERE for more information on fishing lures by Love Lures.

The "Equalizer" float is a "popping cork" that has plastic beads on it that go click click when you are retreiving the lure. This imitates the sound of a live shrimp, which is a dinner bell to the speckled trout, redfish, and snook.

These corks come in several colors and any of them work well.

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On the LEFT is what the properly "rigged" line looks like with these lures and float. The bottom lure should be about 1 foot from the sea grass on the bottom.

This means a total depth of 3 to 4 feet is about right.

When working this rig, you cast it out the repeat the following cycle:
point the fishing rod directly at the float and reel in just the slack line

Pull the float toward you by raising the tip of the fishing rod and pointing it straight upgo to step 1





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Speckled Trout for Dinner tonight !

The gentleman on the left is one of our regular guests.  These are 2 real nice Speckled trout he caught within 1 mile of our vacation homes.
The fellow in the right is one of the best Florida fishing guides, Rich Knox.  If you like I can give you his phone number and he can "put you on the fish".  If you bring your own boat or use one of ours, and you are interested in fishing then going out with Rich one of the first days you are here is an excellent way to learn the ins and outs of fishing in this area.

For more about fishing, check out the FISHING page on our web site.

This is a picture of one of many variations of the DOA shrimp lures. The white shrimp with the red head, shown here is the lure that I have had the best luck using.

The DOA Fishing Lure company makes LOTS of different lures, but the shrimp seem to have the best luck of all for me.

CLICK HERE for more information on DOA Fishing Lures.

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